Imagine this: It’s 30 years into the future and you’re looking at the most beautiful pictures you have ever seen. In fact, you have seen them before—many times. And every single time you do, their raw loveliness makes you stop, breathe a little deeper, and focus a little more closely.
Most of the time, what strikes you as particularly beautiful has a hint of the exotic, the faraway, the extraordinary. But that’s not the case with these pictures. The beauty of these pictures is directly proportional to how much familiarity they contain. Their beauty is in the familiarity of textures. The shadows that lived in the wrinkles of your bedsheets. The ticklish bristles of your husband’s beard on your wedding day. The soft spikiness of your daughter’s first pigtails. 


Their beauty is in the familiarity of details. The way your baby used to smile when your husband sang to him. The way you learned to accept the dishes piling up. The way your son’s feet couldn’t touch the floor when he sat in his favourite chair. Their beauty comes from the truths they tell. How life was sometimes harder than you could have ever imagined. How authentic happiness took you by surprise. How much you all loved each other then—and how much you always will. 

I want to give you this experience of familiar and truthful beauty. It’s an experience you can access every time you see the pictures I took when you and your loved ones were being your unguarded selves. 
When you trust that your photographer has an eye for what’s truly beautiful, you can let go and just live in front of the camera. That’s when the most enchanting stories play out. That’s when what you really want to remember can be captured. 


That’s when it happens: the most beautiful pictures you will ever see.



Portrait Sessions Start at $550

Wedding Collections starts at $3000

Elopement COVERAGE starts at $2400



2017 Couples Portrait Winner for the International Wedding Photographer of the Year Award  

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