kind words

"Once again Jayme has completely wowed us. We are in love with our photos. She captured the day perfectly and I feel like I got the chance to relive all of it while I clicked through. Thank you so much for capturing our special day so genuinely. I couldn't have asked or even dreamed of more. I also want to say that, as a plus size lady, I was really worried about feeling "beautiful" in my wedding photos. I have never been a big fan of having my photo taken and I was worried that all I would see when I looked at my wedding photos was my size. I can honestly say that not only do I feel beautiful in these photos, I want to share them and frame them and put them all over my house! This is a huge deal to me. Thank you so much for giving me this boost of confidence"        - Dan & Bitsey 

"From the first time we met with Jayme we felt a genuine connection. She made us both feel comfortable and at ease in front of her lens, and we can’t say enough good things about working with her. Jayme captured our connection and personalities through every moment, and we are so thankful to be able to relive our wedding day through those photographs. We can’t wait until we get to work with Jayme again!" - Alysia & Corey 


"Jayme is so much more than your average photographer. She has a unique ability to capture the natural, intimate moments when you don’t even realize she’s there. Her artistic style is breathtaking. Her photos are dramatic and unique; they look like they could be film stills. We loved working with Jayme, and will absolutely work with her again in the future." - Brennan & Jess

"Jayme's work allows you to see your family in a whole new light.  The secret love and magic that is held within our own families is known and felt by each member, but seeing that love and magic come alive from outside the bubble is a miraculous thing.  Jayme is able to beautifully capture energy, vibrance, emotion and frame it all in a variety of playful compositions that make the scenes come to life.  I know I am only going to love my photos more and more each year as my family grows.  Thank you for giving life to our memories. You are a gift!" - Stephanie Chan 

"I honestly can't say enough good things about having Jayme with us for our wedding. Besides just being fun to have around, she took such beautiful photos and really managed to capture the in-between moments that mean everything. Besides marrying each other, deciding to work with Jayme was hands-down the best decision we made for the wedding. We'll cherish the memories she so beautifully captured forever." - Trevor & Jamie 

"Jayme strives to capture the natural; which entails all those unplanned, spontaneous moments and genuine feelings that come through on your wedding day. The richness of her imagery is created by the depth which she portrays and the incredibly, vibrant hues she captures. Her creativity and vision are one-of-a-kind, bringing interestingly enchanting compositions. While working, her warm personality brings a light-hearted fun to the day, as she makes sure to go above and beyond every aspect of her job. The photographs you receive will show the day just as you remember, set beautifully as a storybook composed of artistic, meaningful images" - Junebug Weddings 

"Jayme is in my opinion, the best photographer I know. When trying to decide who to work with in the Vancouver area, my husband and I wanted one specific thing, someone who was capable of capturing incredibly pictures in black and white, so that they would resemble film. Her work is artistic, enchanting, natural and incredibly beautiful. This is a testament to not only her talent, but to her personality as well. One of my favourite things about our photos is the reality that each one is a portrait in itself and can stand alone. In years to come I will look at our photos and still love them." - Scott & Victoria

"Jayme was the perfect photographer for our wedding. One thing that stood out to us the most was her ability to capture every important moment without having anyone even notice she was there. Jayme found unique and creative locations for our photos and was very organized, allowing us to focus on our special day." - Steven & Jenna